NPSC Weekly Update for Week of September 8th and 9th

NPSC will have 16 teams competing this fall in the Coast Soccer League, 10 of which will be playing in silver, silver elite, or gold brackets. This is a club first!
Battling in the Bronze Division
NPSC would like to welcome Kristy Copeland, who joined our organization to head the girls 9v9 program. She will be coaching our new team, FURY G2009, and STORM G2008 on the pitch this season. KNIGHTS B2009 and SHARKS B2008 have been working hard to be ready for the season. STING B2006 and JAGUARS G2002 have their eyes on a podium finish.
Dueling in the Silver and Silver Elite Divisions
Both of our girls and boys 2004 and 2005 teams are playing Silver this year! The boy teams,  WARRIORS B2004 and FALCONS B2005, are returning to the division while the girl teams, PUMAS G2004 and VIPERS G2005, are preparing for their first year in Silver. We had a last minute addition to the silver division; PREDATORS G2007 was moved up from Bronze and will be the youngest NPSC team in the Silver division.
PANTHERS G2001, PRIDE G2003, and VENOM B2003 are new to the Silver Elite division this season. The competition will be tough, but our NPSC players are ready to play!
Challenging the Gold Division
NPSC has two teams in the Gold division this season, EXTREME G1999 and HEAT B2002. This will be EXTREME’s first year in Gold. HEAT is returning and has their eyes set on strong finish!
Weekend Preview — September 8 & 9
Del Prado will be a busy place on Saturday, September 8th with 10 of our teams playing at home: Sting, Predators, Knights, Pride, Storm, Vipers, Sharks, Heat, Fury, and Pumas.
Falcons, Warriors, and Venom will be away.
The club has 9 additional games on Sunday September 9th, with only 3 being played at Del Prado. Venom, Jaguars, Pumas, Heat, Sting, Falcons, and Pride will be playing their second game of the weekend. Panthers and Extreme will play their first.
Good luck players, coaches, and parents. Have fun and play hard!