NPSC Weekly Update for Week of September 15th and 16th

Weekend Preview — September 15 & 16
NPSC is playing 24 games this weekend with 6 games each day at Del Prado!
SHARKS B2008 (Bronze) and WARRIORS B2004 (Silver) open the weekend at Del Prado with games on Saturday at 8:00am. PREDATORS G2008 (Silver)  and PANTHERS G2001 (Silver Elite) will be there on Sunday. Warriors, Predators and Panthers will have a tough weekend with games on Saturday and Sunday against  very strong teams.
FURY G2009 (Bronze) will play their first back to back  games this season with games on Saturday vs Ventura and Sunday vs Boca at Del Prado at 1:30pm. KNIGHTS B2009 (Bronze) also play two games this weekend. Their first game will be against BF310 at Del Prado on Saturday at 11:00am. They play Eclipse on Sunday.
STORM G2008 (Bronze) will play Saturday at Del Prado at 9:30 vs LA Galaxy White. Their opponents are tough and the game should be a good battle!
STING B2006 (Bronze) will play Sunday at 10:00am at Del Prado vs Oxnard Wave.
VIPERS G2005 (Silver) will play the Kickers in Los Olivos on Saturday, attend the Los Angeles FC match
on Saturday night, and then play the Coastal Warriors on Sunday at 1:05pm at Del Prado.
Both teams are unknown to the Vipers so this weekend will be a good test of the strength of their bracket.
PUMAS G2004 (Silver) play on Saturday at Ventura and are hoping to bring home a win!
FALCONS B2005 (Silver) will be at Del Prado on Sunday at 9:45am vs Valley United.
VENOM B2003 (Silver Elite) has a difficult schedule this weekend with a game on Saturday vs Valley United
at 1:40pm and a game on Sunday at 2:50pm vs Xolos Academy.
Both games are at Del Prado.
PRIDE  G2003 (Silver Elite) will have two tough games this weekend. They play on Saturday  at Valencia
and Sunday at Del Prado at 11:20am vs Oxnard United.
JAGUARS G2002 (Bronze) will try to forget last week and bring their A-game to the pitch when playing
the first team place, LA Galaxy Bakersfield, on Saturday at 11:40am at Del Prado
HEAT B2002 (Gold) will face Santa Monica on Saturday in what looks like to be a very challenging game.
And finally, eXtreme G1999 (Gold) will play at Bakersfield at 1:40pm on Saturday.
Good luck everyone!