NPSC Results: Week 2 September 15th and 16th


KNIGHTS B2009: Wonderful week end for Knights. They beat BF310 3-1 on Saturday but the good surprise was to beat Simi Eclipse on Sunday 4-1. Eclipse was still undefeaded in this bracket and Knights play so great!!! Next weekend they will play at home at 8:00 Vs LaGalaxy Black with the opportunity to win their 3rd game in the row for the 1st time in 2 years…

Great great job Knights “They have been training hard and it really showed this now”


8 games for our small field size teams for 5 wins and 3 lost.

Knights B2009 (see above)

Fury G2009: lost 0-1 on Saturday vs the first team place Ventura Phoenix but win 9-0 Boca on Sunday. Which have them be in the 2nd place right now after 3 games. They will have a tuff game next Saturday at Santa Barbara.

Sharks B2008: Won 8-0 vs La Galaxy Black. Little by little Sharks make thing happen with only 3 players from last year season still on the team, coach Josue and Edgar are doing a good job to have those kids play together and looks like they play forever together….

Sharks is actually on 1st place right now and will play on Saturday at Simi vs Simi Valley Premier White for, hopefully, comfort their first place.

Storm G2008: Win on Saturday 3-1 vs Galaxy White. Storm keep going their little way to the podium. Every game is an opportunity to see a great soccer play. Next week they will play away vs Barcelona

Predators G2007 Silver: “We are still learning the Silver level and we are still in progress. Our game on Saturday was a great play and a really short lost 1-2 vs United. On Sunday it was tuffer the lost was 1-5. Despite to miss 4 keys players, our girls still play a good soccer and create opportunity” Coach Christelle

Next week end they will play home at 9:15 vs Fusion. One of the top 3 team in this bracket.


Sting B2006: Win 2-0 on Sunday and still one of our 3 teams undefeated (with Storm and Sharks). Remain in 3rd position and next week will play 2 games at home.

Saturday at 10:30 vs Valley United which can be a warm up before the tuff La Galaxy Black at 8:00 on Sunday

Vipers G2005 Silver: After losing 0-5 on Saturday Vipers won on Sunday 1-0 on Sunday vs Coastal Valley (I let you write something). Next Saturday Vipers will have a good challenge playing LA Galaxy at 12:05 at Del Prado

Pumas G2004 Silver: Tie 1-1 on Saturday vs Ventura Strikers. Still 2nd team place. Next week end Pumas will play at home twice. Saturday vs Eagles at 8:00 and Sunday at 9:35 vs Coastal Valley, with the objectif to win both game.

Venom B2003 Silver Elite: Excellent week end with a win on Saturday 2-1 and a tie on Sunday 1-1 against Xolos Academy, one of the top 3 teams. Venom had a great start in this bracket, Sunday they will play home at 8:00 vs FC Golden State. A difficult game for sure!!

Pride G2003 Silver Elite: First victory after three games for Pride on Saturday 4-2. Excellent game and great work from the team. On Sunday an encouraging lost 0-1 Vs Oxnard United. There is no doubt that Pride will getting better and better along the season. On Saturday They will play at home at 11:40 vs NVSC Royal, the last team place so far.

Jaguars G2002: Tie 1-1 vs LAG Bakersfield. Wonderful play from Jaguars this week. Their have several opportunity to win the game but didn’t put the ball in the net. The passing, the agressivity and the desire was there. It’s a great first point for Jaguars this season and everything is possible next week vs River valley at Santa Barbara and Simi premier on Sunday at home at 11:45

Panthers G2001 Silver Elite: Win 5-0 on Saturday and lost 1-3 on Sunday vs a great United team. Panthers is actually in 3rd place after three games. Next weekend Panthers will play vs Santa Paula at home at 9:40 on Saturday and Sunday at Ventura which will be the really test of the season for Panthers.