NPSC Results week 3 September 22nd and 23rd


NPSC PUMAS G2004 Silver: Great weekend for Pumas who won both of their games. On Saturday vs Eagles, Pumas went to their bench at halftime behind  0-1. They came out on the field the second half with a desire to play better and finished with a 3-1 victory. On Sunday, Pumas played a great game against Coastal Valley (3rd) and won 2-1. This is only the second year for Pumas in club. Coached by Steve and Alfonzo, the girls won their bronze bracket this year and are doing great in silver this year. So far the Pumas are 3-1-1 and in 2nd place. Keep going Pumas!


5 games this weekend for 4 wins and 1 loss.

KNIGHTS B2009: Won their 3rd game in a row 4-2 vs La Galaxy. They are currently tied for first with 2 others teams. Great job Knights!

FURY G2009: Won 1-0 in a really intense game, especially the last ten minutes! Fury was down both of their keepers due to injury which makes the win even more sweet! Fury is currently tied for 1st place with 4 others teams.

SHARKS B2008: Won 2-1 with the winning goal scored by Dany on a free kick with 3 minutes to go in the game. What an exciting game! Sharks are still undefeated and remain in 1st place with 2 other teams.

STORM G2008: Won 4-0. Storm joined Vc Fusion in the 1st place spot with their 3rd win and undefeated record. Way to go, Storm!


STING B2006: After their 2-0 win on Saturday vs Valley United (6th), Sting experienced their 1st defeat of the season vs the 1st place LA Galaxy on Sunday. Sting remain in  3rd place.

VIPERS G2005 Silver: Won 2-0 versus LA Galaxy on Saturday. The win moved Vipers into a two-way tie for 1st place. The girls passed well and are learning that especially in the silver division, you have to take advantage of every shot you have.

PRIDE G2003 Silver Elite: Tied 1-1 vs NVSC Royals. Pride earned another point in their very competitive division and is currently in 4th place.

JAGUARS G2002: After a tough  1-2 loss on Saturday vs Chelsea (3rd), Jaguars won 8-2 on Sunday vs Simi Premier (8th).

PANTHERS G2001 Silver Elite: After their  4-0 win on Saturday vs Santa Paula (7th), Panthers played the 1st team place Ventura and lost 0-5. Panthers still remain in 3rd place and are only 1 pt away from  2nd. Panthers are doing a great job in their first year as a Silver Elite team!

HEAT B2001 Gold: 1st victory of the season for Heat who came from behind 0-1 to win the game 2-1. Heat is currently in 6th place.