Weekly Preview – October 13th and 14th

Our youngest will again defend their 1st and 2nd place standings this weekend.
KNIGHTS B2009 (2nd) will play on Saturday at 9:20 at Del Prado vs BF310 (5th. Knights beat BF310 (3-1) in the first round and are hoping for another victory this weekend.


FURY G2009 (1st) plays Ventura FC Phoenix (2nd) on Saturday at Del Prado at 10:45am. Ventura FC is Fury’s only loss (0-1) so far. This should be a good game! A win will keep Fury in 1st place with 6 pts ahead of the 2nd place team.  Come encourage and cheer on Fury!


SHARKS B2008 (2nd) will play on Saturday at Wildflower at 12:30 vs La Galaxy Blue (6th).  Sharks beat LA Galaxy (7-0) during the first round of play.


STORM G2008 plays on Saturday at Wildflower at 11:00am vs LAG White (7th).


PREDATORS G2007 (SILVER) play on Saturday at 8:00am at Del Prado vs United RC (6th). Predators are looking for a victory this weekend so they will need everyone to support them. United beat Predators (1-2) during the first round, but Predators have shown a lot of progress and are ready to play. Go Predators!


STING B2006 (4th) will play on Saturday and Sunday at Del Prado at 8:00am. They will face United CI (3rd) on Saturday and then Oxnard Wave (6th) on Sunday. Sting is looking for 2 wins this weekend. Good luck!


FALCONS B2005 (SILVER) have a tough game on Saturday at 11:10am at home vs the undefeated LA Galaxy Black (1st.  Falcons lost (0-4) in the first round but were not at full strength due to injury and missing players. On Sunday, Falcons face Valley United (5th) at 1:00 at Del Prado. Falcons lost (0-2) in the first round. In order to keep their 4th place position, Falcons must win at least one of the games this weekend.


VIPERS G2005 (SILVER 4th) After an unexpected loss last Sunday, Vipers are looking for a win in order to stay close to the podium. Vipers play at home at 9:30am on Saturday against Kickers (7th).


PUMAS G2004 (SILVER 4th) are currently in 4th place. They play on Sunday at Del Prado vs Ventura FC (5th). This should be a good game as the teams tied (1-1) in the first round. A win will help keep Pumas in the podium race.


HEAT B2002 (GOLD) play on Sunday at 1:30pm away vs Aztec (8th). In order to move up in the standings, Heat needs to win.


PANTHERS G2001 (SILVER ELITE 4th) play the two last placed teams this weekend. Depending on how the rest of the bracket does, Panthers might find themselves in 2nd place at the end of the weekend. to finish the weekend in the 2nd place. Panthers play on Saturday at Del Prado at 12:45am vs. Coastal Valley (7th) and then on Sunday at Lancaster at 10:00am vs. Aztecs.