NPSC RESULTS: October 20th and 21st





Congratulations to PREDATORS G2007 (SILVER) for getting their first win of the season this weekend! They had a great weekend against the 7th and 5th place teams. During the first round, Predators lost (1-5) to Boca. On Saturday, Predators shut Boca out and won (2-0). On Sunday, Predators battled United and ended up with a tie (2-2). Predators got the first goal of the game with an outside shot by Claudia during the 1st half.  United scored 10 minutes later to even the score. Maja scored on a free kick with 10 minutes left in the game, shooting the ball to top right of the goal. Unfortunately, United was able to score 5 minutes later to tie the game. What a game! Congratulations to the Predators for a successful weekend. Way to keep working and progressing!




5 games this weekend resulting in 2 wins, 1 tie, & 1 loss


FURY G2009 won on Saturday (3-1) vs Boca but then loss on Sunday vs Santa Barbara (2-3). Even with a loss, Fury is still holding onto the 1st place spot with a 1 point lead over Ventura Phoenix.


KNIGHTS B2009 tied (3-3) on Saturday vs. Simi Valley Eclipse (2nd). On Sunday, Knights turned up the offense and beat LA Galaxy Black (8-2). Knights are currently in 3rd place with one less game played than the 2nd place team. Go Knights!




STING B2006 (4th) After 2 losses in a row last weekend, the podium became impossible to reach for Sting with a 7 point differential between 3rd and 4th place. However, Sting hasn’t given up. On Saturday they beat Valley United (2-1) and on Sunday they tied the first place team, LA Galaxy Black. This was a great game for Sting as they lost to LA Galaxy Black (0-6) in the first round. Sting is maintaining their 4th place position and is now ahead of 5th by 3 points. Great Job Sting!