Week end preview October 27th-28th

League and CSL games will be played this weekend:


Knights B2009 3rd:  Will play Saturday away vs FC United 5th (5-2).  A victory will put Knights in 2nd place, 2 points ahead of Simi Eclipse who do not play this weekend but have the same number of games. GO GO GO Knights…


Fury G2009 1st: Saturday game away vs FC United also 6th. Fury is only 1pt ahead in the standings and hopes to increase their lead as the 2nd place team plays the 3rd  place team this weekend. Fury needs to win this weekend to keep their lead.


Sharks B2008 2nd: Exciting weekend for the Sharks who will play Saturday vs Simi White (2-1) at 8:00. A victory means Sharks will for sure move up to Silver next year with 3 more games to play! On Sunday, Sharks have League Cup games at 8:00 vs Anahuak (6th in Bronze) and 2:00 Claremont (4th in Bronze).  It will be a Del Prado weekend for Sharks! Make it happen!


Storm G2008 1st: Plays on Saturday at 9:30 at Del Prado vs Barcelona 5th (4-0). After a difficult win last week against the last team place (2-1), Storm would like to get back on the horse and secure their 1st place position. On Sunday, Storm plays League Cup games at Del Prado at 9:30 vs Legends and 3:30 vs Cal Warriors. Both team are  in 5th place in their bronze brackets.


Predators G2007 Silver 7th: Have a Saturday game at home vs Fusion 2nd at 11:00.  This will be a hard game for Predators who lost (1-7) in their first game vs Fusion (their worst defeat this season). Predators have definitely improved since their first meeting, but Fusion just beat Eagles (undefeated team in the brackets) 4-3 last week. Play tough, Predators!


Sting B2006 4th: Difficult game for Sting who will play  United RC 3rd. at 8:00 at Del Prado.  The 1st round game ended in a  loss (2-5) and playing on Sunday is not an advantage for Sting. But, last week they were able to tie the 1st place team (3-3) after being crunched by the same team during the first round (0-6). Good luck, Sting!


Vipers G2005 Silver 5th:  2 league games for Vipers his weekend. The first is on Saturday away vs Coastal Valley (8th). Vipers only beat Coast Valley 1-0 in the first round so they need to be ready to play. Sunday’s game will be a battle vs Oxnard United (4th) at home at 1:15. Vipers need to win both games this weekend in order to move into the 3rd place spot.


Falcons B2005 Silver 5th: Will start their weekend with League Cup at Del Prado at 8:00 vs Autobahn (5th in Bronze) and 2:00 vs LA Premier (7th in Bronze). Falcons will also play on Sunday for CSL away vs Eclipse 6th (3-2). Falcons would like to dedicated their weekend to Michael who got a severe injury last weekend playing vs Eagles and will be out for the rest of the 2018 season.


PUMAS G2004 Silver 4th: play on Saturday vs Eagles 7th (3-1) away.  Pumas had last weekend off so they should be well rested for a great game this weekend.


PRIDE G2003 Silver Elite 5th:  play the Royals 7th (3-3) on Saturday away. On Sunday, its League Cup time for Pride who will play away vs Legends (7th in Bronze) and FC Golden State (7th in Silver Elite).


PANTHERS G2001 SILVER ELITE 3rd: play on Sunday vs Santa Paula (5th) away. In order to have a chance at getting to the podium, Panthers need to win! Go, Panthers!


  • Good luck NPSC! Make us proud.