Tigers – Boys 2012

About the Team

For their 1st year in CSL, Tigers finish in 2nd and will be moving up to Silver next fall. With a record of 11W – 2L and 1T, 90 goals score for 16 against. Tigers was the only team who didn’t lose vs the Champion with 1 tie and 1 victory 1-0. Great job coaches Christelle and Kevin
Practice will restart on July 12th
Tigers Schedule Fall 2021: https://coastsoccer.us/web/coastsoccer/teamschedule?SEASON=fall&YEAR=2021&TEAMNUMBER=1141

Tigers Standing Fall 2021: https://coastsoccer.us/web/coastsoccer/standings?SEX=B&AGE=09&BRACKET=ZC&SEASON=fall&YEAR=2021


Team Staff
Team Accomplishments
  • 2021 - CVU Summer Cup - Champion
  • 2021 - CSL Vice Champion Bronze
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