Dec 4th

6 games: 3 at Del Prado



9:30 Titans 2nd B2010 Bronze vs FC United Home 8th: Simi premier and Moorpark played at 8:00 that day and its an important game as if there is a winner, it will cut the chance to Titans to finish 1st. the only scenario where Titans is Champion is by win their game and hope that is a tie between those two teams.

10:30 Lightning  3rd G2010 Silver Elite vs Fury FC 2nd Home: The revenge of the 1/2 finale league cup. Fury won 2-1 last week, and won the League cup. For Lightning the 3rd place is secure, a victory today will not assure a 2nd place as they will be same number of points than Fury but Fury has a last game against 7th team place next week.

10:30 Tigers 2nd B2012 Bronze vs CVU Blue 5th Away: one more game to finish second, Unfortunately no Championship for Tigers. A lot of regret knowing that they tie and win the actual champion and the 2 loses this season was due to referee who didn’t know the rule… In the mind of the coach, their are Champion:)  BUT they will have to win that last game:))))

10:40 Sharks 6th B2008 Bronze vs Barcelona 7th Away Can finish 7th, 6th or 5th depending of the rest of the game left for the other team who all have one more to play than Sharks. Beating Barcelona this weekend will make for sure too teams behind Sharks.


9:00 Infinity 3rd G2011 Bronze vs Eagles 2nd Away: For sure Infinity will be 3rd as they have 11 points in front the 4th place before those game. Last month Eagles came to Del Prado and won 3 – 0, so hopefully Infinity finish the season strong and bring back home the 3 pts

9:00. Phoenix 3rd G2010 Silver vs United White 4th Home: It look close but Phoenix is in front with 8 point. Beating United twice already this year, if the 1st game was 3 -1, the 2nd game was more close with a 1 – 0 only. Phoenix beating Oxnard United last week open the road to reach the 2nd place but need this last two wins….Game of the week for our Phoenix, Lets go!!!!