Nov 13th and Nov 14th

Hello everyone,
Great Saturday for our NPSC teams. 11 games for 7 wins, 1 tie and 3 loses for 41 goals score and 23 took only.
Sunday only 2 games with Cobras and their last game of the season and Vipers and a semi finale of league cup

👊 Vipers 2nd G2005 Gold vs Central Coast UTD 2nd.   Won 3 – 1 and 

  • Great last game of the season for Vipers who finished in the 2nd place in their Gold bracket. 
  • Sunday Vipers will play the semi-final of the League Cup at 9:45 vs Oxnard United 1st Gold (lost in the league 2 – 6) at Great park

👊Phoenix 3rd G2010 Silver vs CVU White 2nd : Tie 2 – 2

  • If CVU won the 1st half 0 – 2, Phoenix came back in the 2nd half 2 – 2. It was intense and a very pleasant game to watch.

Doble League game

Cobras 7th G2009 Silver

  • On Saturday at 2:45 Away vs Bakersfield 6th.   Won for Cobras 2 – 1.   yeah.   One more game to go….   and their on 5th
  • On Sunday at 8:00 Away vs Simi Premier 10th
Last games of the season for Cobras who will have the opportunity to reach the top 4th with 2 victories. Lets finish strong Cobras:)

Others games

Saturday 🙂

Tigers 3rd and Thunder 8th B2012 Bronze Home:   9 – 1 for Tigers. A lot of progression for the Thunder who finish the game by scoring a beautiful goal… Great job Thunder

Sharks 6th B2008 Bronze vs CVU Red 5th home:  Lost 2 – 3 at the last minute of the game after a great come back from 0 – 2 to 2 – 2

Venom 3rd B2014 Bronze vs CVU Black 5th home: Won 10 – 0 today. The venom make their game easy by passing the ball so well.

Titans 1st B2010 Bronze vs Atletico 5th away:  Won 2 – 1

After two ties in the row, Titans restart their race on top with 3 pts. Which was a good idea as 2nd and 3rd team place won and are right behind. Simi premier is 1 pt behind and Moorpark 4pts behind but one less game play. 2 more games for Titans, need 6 pts

Lightning 3rd G2010 Silver Elite vs United CI 4th Home: Won 6 – 0

No picture this time. If Lightning beat them 2 – 1 last month, today it was a 6 – 0. Prove that lightning again start the season slow for finish hard..

Dragons 4th B2011 Bronze vs CVU Blue 6th Home. Won 3 – 2

They did it: 4 victories in the row for our Dragons who already doble their points from he 1st half of the season to the second half. And their is one more game to play vs the 1st team place. The 4th place will be their position at the end of the season no matter what happen but this last game will determined who will be the champion. For sure Dragons will do their best to don’t let Sporting So cal to beat them….

Falcons 7th B2005 Silver Elite vs Central Coast 2nd Home:  Lost 2 – 3

Difficult season for Falcon for their first year in Silver Elite. But at least their end their season by scoring the last goal on PK


Fury decided to join the 7 other NPSC team to forfeit their 2 League Cup games and asked CSL to review their rule regarding the safety of the players and responsibility of the coaches


8 teams out of 15 are in the podium.

1st: Titans still undefeated

2nd: Vipers is officially vice champion.   /.

Thank you