Nov 6th – Nov 7th

Saturday:  Field 1.  Set up           8:00.     PHOENIX
                                 Tear Down    9:30.     THUNDER
Sunday: Field 2.     Set up.            8:00.     FURY
                                 Tear Down.    11:20.   SHARKS
16 GAMES:   10 Saturday:   2 in Del Prado
                          6  Sunday:     3 in Del Prado.  (2 Vipers League Cup)
Games are more important now as we are getting closer to the end of the season.
Tigers 2nd B2012 Bronze
  • 👊Saturday at 9:00 vs Valley United 1st Away.
  • Tigers has 3pts less than Valley United but one more game play:(.
  • Muchissimo important for Tigers to win and then hopefully United will be losing some pts before the end of the season. Tigers is the only team who were able to tie Valley United in the first round. Playing turf will be hard but with three practices this week on Turf , Tigers make all the chance on their side to come back with three points and assure their place in the podium for the rest of the season.

Titans 1st B2010 Bronze:

  • 👊Saturday at 8:00 vs Moorpark Express 3rd Away.
  • Ultra important game for Titans as they are 4 points in front their opponent but one more game play. Last month Titans and Moorpark tie 2 -2, another tie will assure the first place still but will be sharing with Simi Premier who will take this opportunity to beat the 5th team place in the same time.
  • Lets go Titans, keep it undefeated record and please do more if possible:)

Venom 3rd B2014 Bronze:

  • 👊Saturday at 10:30 vs Oxnard Real 1st Away.
  • The last defeated of the season for Venom was against Oxnard Real on September 19th!!! Since then 6 victories and a lot of improuvement. Oct 23rd Venom were able to beat SBSC White undefeated team in their group 4 – 3 (lost their first game of the season vs them 1 – 3) and last week a clean sheet victory 4 – 0 vs Fusion (1ast game won 3-2) on september 12th.
  • In case of victory Venom will have to wait Nov 20th and the game Oxnard Real – SBSC White to see if they won the title…. Only a victory of SBSC on that game will see Venom finish 2nd. But before to think of it, Lets bring 3pts from Oxnard:)
Dragons 4th B2012 Bronze:
  • 👊Saturday at 9:15 vs FC United Blues 3rd Away 
  • 3 more games to reach the podium. After their excellent victory 5-2 last week, Dragons keep going their progression in the standing. Creating a hole between 5th place (5 pts in front who will be facing the 1st team place this weekend). A win will mean to get 1pt behind their opponent and so the podium with a better schedule than the podium team..
Doble League game
Thunder 8th B2012 Bronze:  Saturday at 9:30 vs CVU Black 7th at home. Come and encourage our Thunder that day. Thunder is playing most with player born in 2013 and last week gaem ends up with a lost 1 -3 but a tie 1- 1 at the half time. Which was amazing for that team. Coach Edgar extend the practices of 30 minutes in order for them to get ready for the end of the season. And that game is the game to hope to bring a pt home..
On Sunday they will play United RC 3rd at 11:00 Away.
Sharks 7th B2008 Bronze: Saturday at 2:00 vs Oxnard Wave 4th away and Sunday at 11:20 vs BF310 8th at home. If the standing look bad for Sharks, 2 victories this week end and Sharks will reach the podium. The first game vs Oxnard end up with a tie and last week they lost vs BF310 3-4 with really unlucky shoots (3 top bar touch!!) So lets hope the Sharks take action and together chinchin 6 pts!!
Others games
Saturday 🙂
Phoenix 3rd G2010 Silver:
  • 8:00 vs MSA 4th at Home
  • MSA was the first team who beat Phoenix 0 – 1 in the 1st round but with 45 shoots on goal during this game, Phoenix has to put it in this time. So a littel revenge for Phoenix who want to keep going to looking up and reach 2nd place with CVU which they will be playing the following weekend

Lightning 3rd G2010 Silver Elite:

  • 8:00 vs CVU White 8th Away
  • Need a victory if they want to get closer to the 2nd team place who will not play this weekend.
Falcons 7th B2005 Silver Elite:
  • 11:20 vs Revolution 3rd Away
Infinity 3rd G2011 Bronze (playing up)
  • 11:00 vs Granada 8th Away. Can you imagine there is 9 pts difference between our Infinity and the 4th team place!!! Amazing Infinity
Sunday game:
Fury 3rd G2009 Silver
  • 8:00 vs Juventus tie for 3rd at home. After a lost but a great game last week, Fury saw Tsunami (their opponent) take their 2nd place. This week end they can also see Juventus take their 3rd place in case of another lost. Eagles 1st and Tsunami 2nd will play against each of them at the same time and so in case of a Fury win and Tsunami lost, Fury come back 2nd. but in case of a lost from Fury, they will go down from the podium…. there is a place to save Fury…..Let’s go
Cobras 5th G2009 Silver:
  • 9:40 vs Albion 6th at home. Cobras had 5 points behind the 3rd team place and 2 pts in front their opponent of the day. Hopefully Cobras can take the 3rd points wich will be their 4th victory but also the 1st time this season they will win 2 times in the row…
League Cup
Vipers 2nd round
  • Sunday vs Spartans 1st Silver at 10:45 at San Bernardino
  • vs Legend IE 1st Gold at 1:40
Saturday:   Field 1 Del Prado
  • 8:00.    Phoenix                    
Sunday   Field 2 Del Prado
  • 8:00.    Fury.                         
  • 9:40.    Cobras. 
  • 11:20.  Sharks??  (if enough space)       
Snack shack:
No snack shack this week end
As always, please send me a resume of your game before Sunday 3:00:)
Teams and player of the week please also:)
Thank you