Oct 2nd – Oct 3rd

20 games:      Del Prado:         7 on Saturday and 5 on Sunday


Venom B2014 3rd Bronze:     CVU Forfeit their game so Venom play vs their parent instead. Donuts and joy was on the field. A lot of laugh….

Thunder B2012 8th Bronze: Every game is better, better fight, better passes….

Tigers B2012 2nd Bronze:   Won on Saturday vs CVU Black. Sunday, half time was 1-1 then Tigers were down 1-3. the last ten minutes, Tigers score 4 goals for a win 5-3. Great job:)))

Dragons B2011 5th Bronze:  2 Losses this week end 1-2 and 0-1 but Dragons play their best games of the season,

Titans B2010 1st Bronze:     2 wins 2-1 and take the lead in their bracket

Sharks B2008 6th Bronze:   A lost 3-4 vs the second team place, great Game but disappointed score

Falcons B2005 7th Silver Elite:  Tie 2-2


Infinity G2011 2nd Bronze (play up): 2 wins 3-0 and 2-0. Great second place for our 2012

Lightning G2010 4th Silver Elite: Lost 4 -6 on Saturday and won 2-1 on Sunday a great game.

Phoenix G2010 2nd Silver: Lost 0 – 1 vs MSA

Fury 2nd and Cobras 7th G2009 Silver:  Fury won 2-1 vs Cobras this time but great game from both team and good two both teams for the club

Predators G2007 4th Gold: Lost Saturday 1-4 and won 1-0 on Sunday. Great soccer play this week end despite loss

Vipers G2005 4th Gold: Lost 2-6


Half of our teams in on the podium:

1st: Titans

2nd: Infinity, Tigers, Phoenix and Fury

3rd: Venom

Great Job NPSC!!!