NPSC VIP Warriors Program

NPSC is really proud and excited to announce the our NPSC’s VIP WARRIORS PROGRAM!

The program is design to serve our community more inclusively. It provides a quality soccer experience for all genders whose visible or invisible disabilities make it difficult to successfully participate in main stream sports.

VIP players include kids who are autistic, visually impaired, mentally or emotionally challenged, have Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, or other conditions that impair mobility. ALL PLAYERS ARE WELCOME, as these individuals are Very Important Players and Warriors in life.

The Warriors will be paired with another NPSC team so that the players can play a friendly soccer game. There will be patient and supportive coaching, soccer balls will be available for use, and players will learn basics of soccer game play. This interaction with another team, and likely their peers, will be a great experience for all. All games will be at Del Prado.