Personal Training

Become Your Best

Want to improve your shot? Learn skill moves to dribble past defenders? Become a better keeper? Just need more stamina on the field?

Whatever your player’s personal goals in soccer, NPSC Personal Trainers will help them achieve it.

To speak with one of our personal trainers, click the CONTACT button below and send them some information about what your player is looking to achieve.



“Hi, My name is Josue Castillo and I am a head coach for Fury G2009, Sharks B2008 and Predators G2007. I played semi-pro for Cruz Azul and then moved to California. I’ve coached for 15 years now and love to transfer my passion of soccer to the players. Practice 1:1 or group of 2,3 or 4 (if group, players have to be similar age group and level).”



“Hi, my name is Christelle Castillo and I am a head coach for Tigers B2012 and Dragons B2011. What I like about personal training is the individual attention we give to the player. The exchange between me and the player helps to really understand what to do and how to correct it. You will see their confidence grow and witness their progress.”


“Jamie has played and refereed soccer for over 30 years. Currently a D license coach managing boys 2010 and girls 2012 club teams at NPSC. She has a passion and love for soccer and she carries that over into her coaching. Each player will learn technical, strategic and mental aspect of game to make them more well rounded in character and athletic ability. Currently doing training for small groups of 3 or individually ages 5-9.”

“Hi my name is Kristi Copeland and after finishing my soccer career at UCLA, I brought my passion and love for the game to coaching. I am currently the head coach for Phoenix G2010. I strongly believe that it’s my attention to detail that benefits my players most. I’m extremely focused on teaching proper technique and reinforcing good habits. Sessions can be individual or small groups, up to four players, similar in age and skill level.”



“My name is Alvaro Cortes, I’m the head coach for the NPSC Lightning Girls 2010. For me soccer is not just a sport, it’s a way of life, my philosophy is to coach and teach kids fundamentals skills and soccer IQ, both of those are equally important to me. I’ve been involved in youth teams for over 10 years including coaching, referring and training. I’ve been a part of NPSC since 2019.  I’ve played soccer my whole life, as a kid I played in recreational teams until I was 12 years old, then I got recruited by a professional coach to play in His 3rd division competitive team against professional Mexican club academy’s like Guadalajara, Leon, Atlas and more. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, I was actively playing in the tri-county men’s league on the over 35 and over 40 divisions.”