Our Spring League is back!!!

After 2 years because of COVID we are back to offer a great environment to play soccer. With Baseball, softball, basketball, flag football, you might not have enough players to play but with our league is possible ! Just let us know when you can play and we will arrange the schedule. You want to try out player? no problem : you don’t need to have a player card for the first 2 games of that player (just bring a birth certificate). Referee are officials and we all play at Del Prado (unless a club register 4 teams or more and have a home field). The bracket are even and no more than 5 teams. No Championship – 8 games

We are still looking for teams so if you are interested please contact: Christelle Castillo at 805-204-7525 or

Here is the Boys Bracket so far:

B2015 Brand New Team:  1) Santa Paula FC.    2) NPSC Cyclones G2015.   3) TFA .   4) Oxnard Real AC.  5) ONE MORE TEAM

B2014 Bronze.   1) NPSC Hawks New.   2) Simi Eclipse 6th Bronze   3) Zerogravity New team. 4) Santa Paula FC 7th Bronze   5)  ONE MORE TEAM 

B2014 Silver:                     BRACKET COMPLETE          
1) Oxnard Real AC 1st Bronze.    
2) SBSC White 2nd Bronze 
3) SBSC Elite 3rd Bronze   
4) Oxnard United (ex-Warriors) 3rd Bronze.   
5) NPSC Venom 3rd Bronze.

B2013 Bronze: 1) NPSC Thunder 8th in b2012 bronze 2) Ventura Surf Soccer 6th Bronze   3) Zero Gravity 9th Bronze. 4) SBSC White 7th Bronze.   5) ONE MORE SPOT

B2013 SILVER:                    BRACKET COMPLETE.  
1) La Esperanza 3rd Silver
2) CVU Blue 8th Silver   
3) SBSC Elite 1st Bronze
4) Oxnard United Leo 1st Bronze  
5) BF310 3rd Bronze
6) Oxnard Real AC 3rd Bronze. 

B2012 Bronze:  1) NPSC Lions New   2) Zero Gravity New  3).  4).  5)

B2012 Silver:  1) NPSC Tigers 2nd Bronze. 2) TFA California League 3) Santa Paula Extreme 4th Bronze 4). NPSC Infinity G2012 Silver Elite. 5) ONE MORE SPOT

1) SBSC White 1st Bronze  
2) Arsenal FC 3rd Bronze 
3) NPSC Dragons 4th Bronze 
4) Simi Eclipse 6th Bronze
5) Moorpark Express 7th Bronze

B2011 Silver Elite: 1) VC Fusion 3rd S.Elite 2) VC Fusion B12 3rd Silver . 3) SBSC Elite 2nd S.Elite. 4) SBSC Elite B12 5th Silver . 5) La Esperanza 1st Silver.  6) ONE MORE TEAM

B2010  SILVER:                       BRACKET COMPLETE
1) NPSC Titans 1st Bronze.    
2) Oxnard Real AC 1st Bronze   
3) SBSC White 1st Bronze.  
4) Simi Premier 2nd Bronze.  
5) Moorpark Express 2nd Bronze.
6) Xolos Academy FC 4th Bronze. 

B2008 Bronze:  1) NPSC Sharks 7th 2) SBSC Blue 6th Bronze.3).Oxnard Wave 5th Bronze 4) BF310 7th.  5) ONE MORE TEAM

Here is our Girls Bracket so far:
G2014 BRONZE:                     BRACKET COMPLETE           
1) Zero gravity 4th Bronze 
2) Oxnard United SC 6th Bronze 
3) NPSC Panthers New   
4) Oxnard United SC G2015 New 
5) Oxnard Real AC New
6) NPSC Rush New.
G2013 BRONZE:                  BRACKET COMPLETE     
1) Zerogravity USA 2nd bronze 
2) SBSC White 3rd Bronze  
3) Zero Gravity Invictus 4th B
4) NPSC Jaguars New
5) Oxnard United
G2012 BRONZE:                  BRACKET COMPLETE.   
1) Oxnard Real AC 5th Silver
2) SBSC White 6th Silver  
3) Zerogravity 7th Silver 
4) Ventura  Surf  Soccer 
5) VC Arsenal FC New 
GIRLS 2011 Bronze:             BRACKET COMPLETE
1) Oxnard Wave 4th Silver
2) AC Arsenal FC 13th Silver
3) CVU Red G12 1st Silver
4) NPSC infinity G12 Silver
5) NPSC Vortex New.   
6) Santa Paula Extreme New  

G2010 Bronze:   1) Zero gravity New  2) Oxnard United (ex-Warriors) 7th Bronze 3) Santa Paula Xtreme 8th Bronze. 4) VC Arsenal FC 5th Bronze . 5) ONE MORE TEAM

GIRLS 2009 SILVER:                  BRACKET COMPLETE 
1) NPSC Lightning G2010 3rd Silver Elite 
2) Oxnard Wave G2010 5th Silver Elite 
3) Ventura Surf Soccer G2010 Silver Elite
4) SBSC Elite G2010 7th Silver 
5) NPSC Fury 3rd Silver 
6) NPSC Cobras 4th Silver 
7) AC Arsenal FC 8th Silver 
8) SBSC White 9th Silver
9) Simi Premier 10th Silver
10) SBSC Kickers.  CSL Academy

G2008 Bronze:  1) CVU White 10th Bronze   2) Oxnard Kickers FC 11th Bronze    3) BF310 12th Bronze   4) Santa Paula Extreme 12th Bronze 5) ONE MORE TEAM

GIRLS 2008 Silver:                 BRACKET COMPLETE
1) CVU Red 4th Silver 
2) California United FC 6th Silver
3) VC Arsenal FC 8th Silver  
4) Ventura Surf Soccer 6th Bronze 
5) California United Black G2009 3rd Gold
6) Oxnard Real AC 1st Bronze

G2005 Gold / Premier: 1) NPSC Vipers 2nd Gold 2) Roadrunner FC Blue 3rd Gold. 3) Oxnard Wave 7th Gold. . 4) Oxnard United 1st Gold. 5) ONE MORE TEAM