14 Games:         Del Prado:       9 on Saturday

                                                                        STARS OF THE WEEK

Cobras G2009 3rd Silver:   Cobras won vs Eagles who was 1st undefeated team before today’s game. They did it away and with a great quality of play. 3 – 1   With that victory Cobras move from 7th to 4th in their bracket !! Way to go Cobras and congratulations🎈🎊🍾coaches Paul and Greg. Fury thank you today;)

Predators G2007 2nd Gold: Undefeated this week end, w0n 4 – 0 on Saturday against Roadrunners 10th and 2 – 1 vs Central coast who was sharing the 4th place before today. With those 6 extra points, Predators move up to 2nd place, 2 pts ahead of 3rd. Great job. 

Vipers G2005 4th Gold: Vipers had an extremely hard week end. After losing 2 – 6 last week vs the 1st team place, Vipers had to recover victory and fast before any doubt will start in their head. With a win  1- 0 Saturday vs Roadrunners 3rd and a tie 1 – 1 vs Oxnard Wave 2nd. Great job Vipers. the team stay in contact with the podium:)



Tigers 2nd B2012:    Win  6 – 1 vs CVU Blue 4th

Thunder 8th B2012:  lost 0 – 14 vs  United RC 3rd

Titans 1st B2010:       Win 3 – 0 vs FC United 8th

Sharks 7th B2008:     Lost 0 – 2 vs Barcelona 7th

Falcons 7th B2005 Silver Elite    Lost 2 – 4 vs GVC Elite 5th and lost 0 – 2 vs Central Coast 4th


Infinity 3rd G2011 (Play up):           Lost 0 – 6 vs Eagles White 3rd

Phoenix 2nd G2010 Silver:                Win 16 – 0  vs California SC 6th

Cobras 4th G2009 Silver:                   Win 3 – 1  vs Eagles 1st

Fury 1st G2009 Silver:                         Win 3 – 0 vs Roadrunners 10th

Vipers 3rd G2005 Gold:                     Win 1 – 0  vs Roadrunner 2nd and Tie 1 – 1 vs Oxnard Wave 3rd


We have 8 out 14 teams in the podium this week: Fury join Titans for the 1st place while Predators and Vipers access the podium. Cobras is 4th, 1 pt behind the 3rd place

1st:   Fury and Titans

2nd: Phoenix, Tigers, Predators

3rd: Infinity, Venom, and Vipers