NPSC Pride So Cal Cup Champions

The NPSC Pride won the So Cal Cup soccer tournament in Oceanside, California. Over 250 teams registered for the tournament held in Oceanside August 10-12. Games were played at two locations including 30 fields at the main Senior Center location. Players were Goalie Alex Masci, Field players Amber Ponder, Annie West, Brooke Spiker, Eleni Vodantis, Emma Ylizaliturri, Fiona Hawkins, Hailey Mason, Jasmine Gitiforooz, Kaitlin Duquette, Karin Silberstein, Kate Kilpatrick, Marlo Lavacude-Klenck, Morgan Ginsburg, Natalie Hurd, Nina McInerney, Remy Portaro. The Pride girls dominated the championship final game with a 6-2 win over Albion of San Diego. Coaches Nancy Nelson, Leonard Hendricks and Nathan Ponder, as well as Trainer  Jaime Alvarado were delighted.