NPSC Weekend Preview — September 29th & 30th

Huge weekend coming up for the club with 26 games to play, 14 of which are at Del Prado.
KNIGHTS B2009 will have the opportunity to cushion their 2nd place standing this weekend by beating the 2 teams that are tied for 4th place. Knights play FC United at 10:45am on Saturday at Del Prado and then Simi Premier on Sunday at Simi.
FURY G2009 will play both of their game at Del Prado. On Saturday at 9:30 vs FC United 5th and on Sunday at 8:00 vs Simi Premier 1st.


SHARKS B2008 need to have their “A game” ready this weekend as they will take on the two other 1st place teams in their bracket. Sharks play on Saturday at Del Prado at 8:00am vs LA Galaxy Red and then on Sunday at 12:00pm away vs United RC. Good luck Sharks!


STORM G2008 also needs to be ready to battle this weekend as they will play the 1st and 3rd place teams in their bracket. Storm plays on Saturday at 12:00pm vs Simi Eclipse (3rd) and on Sunday vs VC Fusion (1st) at 10:30am. Both games are at Del Prado. Go, Storm!


STING B2006 has practiced  hard this week in order to get ready for Saturday’s away game against United (2nd) at 11:00am. Sting also plays Barca (6th place) on Sunday at 3:00pm at Del Prado.


FALCONS B2005 are hoping to move up in the standings this weekend with wins over the 2 teams tied for 7th place. They play Simi Eclipse at Del Prado at 8:00am and BF310 away on Sunday at 9:00am.


VIPERS G2005 have a tough weekend of play ahead of them as they will play the 1st and 4th place teams in their bracket. On Saturday, Vipers play Oxnard United, at 9:35am at Del Prado. Then on Sunday, Vipers will play the 1st place team, Ventura FC, at 8:00am at Del Prado.


WARRIORS B2004 will play Barca (6th place) on Saturday away with the goal of winning their 1st game  of the season. On Sunday, Warriors will play Simi Premier (4th) at 9:35 at Del Prado. Play hard, Warriors!


PUMAS G2004 play away on Saturday at 2:35pm versus United RC (4th) at 2:35pm. Pumas need the win to stay on the podium in this strong bracket.


PRIDE G003 is gearing up for a difficult game on Sunday at 1:15pm at Del Prado versus the undefeated and 1st place team, California Elite. Good luck, Pride!


VENOM B2003  plays away vs Central Condor (11th). A win will help Venom move up towards the middle of their bracket.


HEAT B2002 will be making the trek to Bakersfield on Saturday to play LA Galaxy Bakersfield at 10:00am.
JAGUARS G2002 play Ventura County United on Saturday at 12:50pm in Simi.


PANTHERS G2001 play on Sunday at 11:00 at Del Prado vs Central Coast (3rd). This is a good opportunity for Panthers to cushion their 2nd place standing and maybe even take the lead in their Silver Elite bracket.


EXTREME G1999 faces Moorpark Express on Sunday at 9:35am in Moorpark.