WARRIORS B2004 (Silver):  Congratulations to the Warriors for getting their 1st victory  this weekend. After a heartbreaking 0-1 loss on Saturday, Warriors turned around and beat Simi Premier (3rd place) 4-0. Considering the Warriors didn’t have any subs for the game and that Simi Premier beat them 3-0 during the first round of play, the victory is even sweeter!  This was the first game of the second half of the season for the Warriors. Hopefully it is the beginning of a great second round. Great job, Warriors!


FALCONS B2005 (Silver): It was really important for the Falcons to win this weekend and they DID! With wins over Simi Eclipse (3-2) and BF310 (1-0), Falcons were able to move up to 4th place. Way to go, Falcons!




Our small field teams played 10 for 7 wins, 1 Tie. and 2 losses. The teams have one more game until the halfway point of the season and their record is already impressive. Our 2008 & 2009 boys and girls bronze teams have won 19 games and have only lost 3! They have scored 81 goals and only allowed 28. Our brand new team, FURY, has given up ONLY 2 GOALS  so far, which is the least amount of goals for any team in NPSC and Fury’s bracket.


KNIGHTS B2009: 2 wins for Knights this past weekend vs Fc United (5-1) and Simi Premier (2-1). Knights are tied for 1st place with 6pts ahead of the 3rd place team.


FURY G2009: Won their games against FC United (2-0) and Simi Premier (3-1). What an amazing weekend! Fury is tied  for 1st place with Simi Eclipse.


SHARKS B2008: Won on Saturday vs La Galaxy Red (5-0) but then lost on Sunday vs FC United (2-5). Sharks are in 2nd place and only 3 pts behind the 1st place FC United.


STORM G2008: After their victory vs Simi eclipse on Saturday (3-1), Storm then had to face 1st place VC Fusion on Sunday. There was a lot of frustration during the game as Storm wasn’t able to score and missed a lot of opportunities. However, Storm was eventually able to get a goal and won the game (1-0). This put Storm in first place and 3 points ahead of the second place team. Congratulations for Storm being the only undefeated team in NPSC so far this season.!


PREDATORS G2007 (Silver): Predators played well against 2nd place Central Coast (1-3) on Saturday. On Sunday, they had to face the tough undefeated Eagles (28 goals scored and only 5 allowed for the season). The Eagles scored within 2 minutes of starting the game and then increased their lead 2-0. Mia scored right before halftime to make the score 2-1. In the second half, the Predators took control of the game and dominated! With 14 offside calls, Predators defense was impressive! Lili was able to get a second Predator goal to tie the game 2-2 with 10 minutes to play. Predators  had an opportunity to score with 30 seconds to end the game, but were unable to finish. The game ended 2-2, but it looked and felt like a victory for the Predators. Way to go, ladies!