Our youngest will defend their 1st and 2nd place this weekend:

Knights B2009 will play the first team place on Saturday away. Santos Laguna who came at Del Prado for the 1st game of the season and win 9-1. Several players were missing so hopefully the game will be a nice game.

Fury G2009 Will play the 1st team place on Saturday Simi Eclipse at Del Prado at 8:00 and the last team place Barcelona at 3:30 away

Sharks B2008 Will play both game at home: Simi Premier Valley on Saturday at 12:15 and Torrefuerte FC 7th at 9:15

Storm G2008: Saturday at Del Prado at 8:00 Vs Simi Eclipse white 4th. Sunday vs Sherman Oaks 5th at 9:00

Predators G2007 Silver: Saturday at home at 10:45 vs Extreme 2nd. And on Sunday Predators will play at wildflowers vs LA Galaxy at 1:30 with hopefully bringing the 1st victory of the season for Predators after tie them 3-3 a month ago.

Sting B2006 After 3 losses in the row, Sting would like to taste the victory parfum by playing FC United 8th at 10:00 away

Vipers G2005 Silver will play at Del Prado at 8:00 on Saturday vs Eagles 5th and on Sunday the 2nd team place Central Coast at 9:40 away

Pumas G2004 Silver: Will play on Saturday at Del Prado vs Legacy 1st, Pumas lost 1-2 for the first game of the season vs legacy…. On Sunday they will play away against the 6th team place: Oxnard Wave