Weekend Preview November 3rd and 4th

League and CSL games will be playing this weekend for a total of 20 games!


KNIGHTS B2009 (2nd) play on Saturday at 9:00 at Del Prado vs Simi Premier 4th (2-1). Knights have two more games and only need one victory to finish 2nd and move up to Silver. On Sunday,  Knights have League Cup games at Del Prado at 9:30 vs UIFC Gallitos (3rd Bronze) and at 2:20 vs NHB Black (6th Bronze).


FURY G2009 (2nd)  is looking for a win this weekend vs Simi Green (4th) after 2 losses in a row. On Sunday, Fury has League Cup games at Del Prado at 8:00 vs Inter-America (7th Bronze) and 2:00 vs Orange County (2nd Bronze). Good luck, Fury!


SHARKS B2008 (2nd l play away on Saturday vs LA Galaxy Red 3rd (5-0). Sharks secured their Silver level last week but would like to prepare the best they can for their League Cup round 2 games and most importantly their game next week vs. the undefeated United.


STORM G2008 (1st)  play on Saturday away vs Simi Eclipse 3rd (3-1). Coach Kristy is hoping the team will play hard, pass, cross, and shoot like she knows they can and keep their undefeated record.


PREDATORS G2007 Silver (7th) play at home on Saturday vs Central Coast (3rd). Predators like to play at home so we are hoping the home field advantage will give the Predators the edge they need. A win this weekend will get the Predators closer to the 6 position and distance themselves from the 8th place position. Go, Predators!


Sting B2006 (4th) is preparing for a difficult game on Saturday  vs United RC (3rd). at 8:00 at Del Prado.  During the first round of play, Sting lost (2-5).  However, it was a Sunday game and Sting is a Saturday team!  Last week, Sting was able to tie the 1st place team (3-3) after being crunched during the first round  (0-6). Sting is playing good soccer right now so anything is possible. Go get em’ Sting!


Vioers G2005 Silver (4th) has a busy and tough weekend ahead of them. On Saturday, Vipers play the 1st place team at Ventura. They tied the team (1-1) in the first round. The game will definitely be a battle! On Sunday, the girls will travel to Brea for League Cup games vs Spartans United (1st Bronze) and AC Brea (7th Bronze). Bring it, Vipers!


PUMAS G2004 Silver (3rd) play on Sunday away vs Coastal Valley (4th). A victory on Sunday will guarantee the Pumas finish on the podium with one game left. Go, Pumas!


PRIDE G2003 Silver Elite (5th) play in the sweet 16 round of League Cup away at 9:45 vs Eagles Blue (4th place in Gold bracket). This will be a hard game for Pride, but not impossible. Good luck, Pride!


Good luck NPSC!!! Make us proud